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Allied Races, Who Else is Excited?

My favorite announcement from BlizzCon 2017 was for the Allied Races.  All the new cinematics were great, and yes, I’m excited for all the new content from Blizzard, but the single thing I’m looking forward to most is allied races. With every new expansion people wonder what will be new, will their be a new […]

BlizzCon 2017 Important Info

If you weren’t able to watch today with BlizzCon’s Virtual Ticket, or attend BlizzCon in person; don’t worry, we will cover the important stuff you missed. This exciting time of year for Blizzard fans is finally here and we can’t wait to what’s in store. I’ll get straight to it: For OverWatch A new hero, […]

Antorus Trinkets, Which is best for you?

So many people are excited about the Antorus raid and for good reason.  This is thought to be the last raid of Legion, which means we will get hints at the end of it on where our next expansion is heading, but more importantly, it’s our end of game loot table.  Trinkets are the most […]

How to Be a Better Raider

This is a simple, helpful guide on how to be a better raider.  This is geared more towards World of Warcraft players and while some of the aspects are specific for it, the general principles are universal. To start off, end of game content in all games is supposed to be difficult, if it isn’t […]

Time for Tricks or Treats

Hallow’s End 2017 is here and if you haven’t started gathering your tricky treats, now is the time. From October the 18th through November the 1st you get to celebrate Halloween, or Hallow’s End [when the Forsaken broke free from the Scourge] with your World of Warcraft friends. Those that have been playing WoW for […]

Better Together, Indeed

Recently Minecraft, a sand-box style game for building and exploring with digital blocks, has taken a huge step in the gaming industry.  They’ve stepped forward with their newest update called “Better Together” and have bridged the gaps so that all their players can cross platform and play together.  This update includes players gaming from mobile […]

E-Sports and the Mythic Dungeon Invitational

The recent Mythic Dungeon Invitational (MDI) showed us World of Warcraft like never before, allowing for E-Sports in a PvE environment. Most people in the game are highly opinionated when it comes to Mythic Plus dungeons either for or against, but opinions aside, Mythic + has changed World of Warcraft. Allowing a close-knit group to […]

Antorus, the Burning Throne Release Date

Any avid World of Warcraft player is wondering when is the new raid coming? If Blizzard sticks to their usual schedule, we’re looking at the Antorus raid opening around Nov. 14, 2017. This gives everyone a chance to see what is going on at BlizzCon first and get us hyped for what will come next. […]