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Exploring Horizon: Zero Dawn & Robotic Dinasours

This year is set to be chock-full of big releases and hit titles. Amongst names like God of War, Resident Evil, and The Legend of Zelda, where can other games compete? Well, Sony thinks they have just the competitor! Enter Horizon: Zero Dawn, Sony Interactive’s new open-world game set to release at the end of […]

Reach for The Stars: A No Man’s Sky Preview

I am not a stranger to the survival RPG genre. From Don’t Starve and Subnautica, most will follow the same core ideals of explore, craft, and survive. Each one, for the most part, will contain a procedurally generated map that creates itself differently every time you begin a new game. What if this genre, however, […]

NX a No Show? Nintendo’s E3 2016 Details (or Lack Thereof)

To all of our Nintendo friends out there who have waited to hear any news about the company’s cryptic new console, we have news. And the news is… there is no news! That’s right, once again Nintendo is cutting back its E3 press conference, but this time it is almost nonexistent. The only thing demoing […]

Beware the Ides of March: Total War: Warhammer Gets a Delay and a Big Reveal!

I know all of you guys can agree with me that second to a game completely flopping on release, there is nothing more disappointing than a game you have followed all the news, updates, hype, blogs, and even pre-ordered months in advanced getting delayed. Well for all my Warhammer and Total War fans out there I […]

Let’s Settle it – XBOX One VS. Playstation 4: THE BATTLE TO END IT ALL!

Okay, maybe not really.  I will admit, I may not be the most qualified to write a comparison, blog, article or even a sentence regarding this topic because I’ve been an avid PC gamer my entire life.. until recently.  Earlier this year after some heavy persuasion from those who peer pressure best (your significant other) […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Joystick Superhero’s Unite!

If you’re relatively new to console gaming or ‘fighting’ style game genres in general — allow me to give you a little history.  In the year 1976 the first arcade game came out that revolved around the close combat “fighting” technique.  This arcade game was known as Heavyweight Champ and since then led to innovations such as Karate […]